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Perpendicular Intersection Type

Intersection Notification Device
Perpendicular intersections (Intersection)

Product Specifications

(Procurement Instrument Identification Number):
46161585 - 22656388
Model (Product No.) GB-OS-E-01
Product Name Road sign
Intersection Informing Device-Perpendicular Intersection Type
Size External Diameter: D317mm (Internal Diameter: D300mm) x H120mm
Height of Probe Pavement Prove 15mm
Dust proof and Waterproof IP68
Compressive Strength 200 KN
Fatigue test Wheel tracking 20,000 times
Cold-resistant, heat-resistant operating temperature -20 ~ 65℃

※ 13 category tests, such as brightness, chromaticity, salt spray, sand-blasting, were conducted.


This system prevents car accidents in advance by giving visual warnings to drivers and pedestrians using an Alarm Device(signal lamp) on the roads of residential areas, business areas, School zones, local housing areas, back roads and non-signal based intersections
It is an environment-friendly system using solar energy (commercial electrical power version also available)
It is an active and intelligent safety facility that detects vehicles with the built-in optical sensors of the signal lamp and warns about the approach of vehicles to drivers and pedestrians

Conceptual Diagram

Operation Principle(Installation Overview)

  • This is done by installing a signal lamp including an LED and sensors to detect the vehicles (the optical sensor detects the vehicle’s headlights) at the center of the intersection, supplying the power is supplied using a solar cell (Commercial electrical power is also available)
  • It gives a warning sign to the approaching cars or pedestrians by blinking the LED, if the entry of cars is detected


The Yellow LED blinks all the time - This gives a warning to cars entering the intersection and also warns pedestrians
Night time
It detects vehicles using the optical sensors in the signal lamp
If there are no vehicles
The LED blinks Yellow
If there is an Approaching vehicle
The LED blinks Red
The optical sensors in the signal lamp detect headlights at night time, if avehicle approaches the intersection, it will visually give a warning to any vehicles in the other direction by turning on the blinking Red LED (on the left and right side of the approaching vehicle)

Installation Profile

Operational Picture

No vehicle blinking Yellow LED

For the Approach of a vehicle blinking Red LED

Application Field

  • Intersections without signals (unsignalized)(Residential areas, Commercial Zones, Local housing roads etc.)
  • 30km/hr limit Zones (School zones, retiree zones, etc.)
  • Bicycle lanes
  • Curved and dangerous roads
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